5 Dec 2012

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Analysis of droplet dynamics on the GDL surface of a PEM fuel cell cathode
by Alex Jarauta and Jordi Pons from CIMNE
Wednesday, December 5th at 16:30
Sala Lounge CIMNE Castelldefels, C-3 building, Campus del Baix LLobregat

The reason of the studied subject is the improvement of PEM fuel cells efficiency. One of the main factors that cause the efficiency drop in these devices is the flooding or blocking of the cathode flow channels. The fluid flowing in this case is air at specific temperature and pressure, and from the bottom of the channel the water emerges in form of small droplets. Depending on several factors, if the water is not extracted at a sufficient rate it can block the channel, affecting the fuel cell performance. Therefore, it is important to develop an analytical study to find the optimal operating conditions, such as the GDL surface hydrophobicity, the airflow velocity o the channel geometry.

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Keywords: efficiency , PEM fuel, GDL surface hydrophobicity
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