4 June 2013

De Wiki-castelldefels

Martes 4 de Junio, 12:00 horas

Lisandro Dalcin, PetIGA: A Framework for High Performance Isogeometric Analysis

Lisandro Dalcin obtained his PhD in Engineering from Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Santa Fe, Argentina) in 2008. HIs first degree is in electromechanical Engineering from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Concepción del Uruguay, Argentina). In 2010, he joined the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research of Argentina (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas) as an Assistant Researcher.

Dr Dalcin is a member of the development team of PETSc. He is also the author of mpi4py and petsc4py / slepc4py — a set of bindings for the MPI standard and PETSc / SLEPc libraries targeting parallel distributed computing with the high-level scripting language Python. Last years he has been developing PetIGA, a parallel framework for the solution of PDEs with Isogeometric Analysis.

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